Technical ReferencE and proclaim Download

All you need to know to get started


Download proclaim

Download ProClaim here. The link below leads you to the registration form, where you can get a free license for 50 Users or apply for a paid license.


Installation guidE

ProClaim has been designed as a self-service solution and is easy to install and configure. Our installation guide shows you how and guides you through the setup step by step.



With all the vast configuration possibilites ProClaim provides, our comprehensive configuration guide comes in very handy. It is "the" reference if you need to configure more complex rules or simply want to get a technical insight into ProClaim's feature set.



Our configuration template gives you a quick and smooth start with ProClaim. Instead of figuring out yourself, just see how we have done it. You'll grasp the essentials immediately and can modify and expand the configuration according to your specific requirements. If you get stuck, just call us or book our onboarding service.