A claims provider for pros. Finally.

We know why you came across this website

We have been developing SharePoint and Office 365 solutions for more than 15 years and our own engineers have been looking for the perfect claims provider for ages. Now we made a virtue out of necessity and created ProClaim - the claims provider for SharePoint we would have liked to find ourselves.


The Challenge

As companies increasingly see the benefit of an extranet and need modern technologies such as ADFS, AzureAD, or other token-based identity issuers to authenticate their SharePoint users, a gap in the SharePoint functionality becomes apparent: users can not be found in the SharePoint People Picker.

The Solution

ProClaim is a flexible, feature-rich claims provider for SharePoint that saves you hundreds of hours of custom development and is immediately ready to be used in your extranet project to support you in a multitude of scenarios. ProClaim comes as a convenient subscription license with regular updates, professional support and consulting services. 


The missing gearwheel

Using ProClaim on your SharePoint server, you will be able to connect your people picker to various types of directory services and other kind of data sources such as Active Directory, the Exchange Global Address List, Azure Active Directory and more. ProClaim works in the background and integrates seamlessly with your solution.


sharepoint solution

ProClaim comes as a classic farm solution for Microsoft SharePoint 2013, 2016 and 2019. Easy to install and easy to configure within SharePoint Central Administration, without the risk of compromising your existing applications and solutions running on your farm.


community based

(coming soon)

Our developers loved the idea of making ProClaim a community based tool. Feature requests and ideas on how to enhance ProClaim can be suggested by the community and you can influence which feature will be implemented next. Become a part of ProClaim, join the community now and help us making ProClaim an even better claims provider!